About Us

Our Values

  • Act with respect, compassion, and integrity
  • Advocate understanding of autism spectrum disorders through education
  • Empower individuals, families, and professionals by providing unbiased, responsible information
  • Promote collaboration and teamwork
  • Build on strengths
  • Endorse and promote positive, non-aversive, best practice interventions and strategies
  • Nurture families throughout their journeys and recognize that autism spectrum disorders affect more than the individual diagnosed
  • Support and serve individuals with autism spectrum disorders throughout their lifetime
  • Be accountable through ethical behavior, record keeping, and transparency in practice

Our Story

The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center was formed in 2007. The center provides support and services to individuals throughout their lifetime – from early diagnosis and intervention, through pre-vocational and vocational training, to transitional services and beyond. Because autism spectrum disorders affect more than the individual diagnosed, CCASC provides support for parents, grandparents and care givers as well as offers workshops and playgroups for siblings and families.

Just as we aim to support families throughout their journey, CCASC will provide support, training, and education for professionals in our communities. Many professionals work side by side with children or adults on the spectrum, and may not know how to best serve them, or how to bring out the individual’s strengths. By providing education, training, and community outreach, CCASC can support those that work closest with those individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders. We are currently an all-volunteer organization and our main focus areas include Camp Expedition, the WALK for Autism and Awareness Fair, network groups, young adult activities and professional outreach.

Our Board

The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center’s Board of Directors donate their time, and expertise in varying fields. Participation as a board member does not imply a professional endorsement by the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center.