Zombie Invasion SLO

Event Type: 
Special Event

Event Ages: 
All Ages

ATTENTION:  We have been notified of an impending Zombie Invasion at Camp San Luis Obispo on October 28, 2023!  You will need to band together to survive this terrible plague.  You will need to enter Camp San Luis Obispo and walk or untimed run 5K on foot to a secure government location.  It is strongly advised that all citizens participating utilize extreme caution due to trip hazards, wildlife, dehydration, environmental exposure, and especially – The Undead

This is a untimed 5K walk or run for the whole family!  Come and be a zombie, a survivor, or stay and do both!  There will be a kid and family friendly shorter run as well  And don’t worry – if you are zombie phobic, you can choose to wear different color flags to keep them away!  Or if you are a “bring it on – Walking Dead” type – we have special flags for you to attract them!  All ages are welcome.  Note:  the terrain is both paved and unpaved with minimal incline and a few optional obstacles. And if it's raining, mud will be fun! 

Participants may either be Zombies, Survivors, or Both.  Zombies may come in full costume or if needed there is zombification available for a suggested small donation (old, ripped clothing is best to wear as it may become stained.)  Each survivor starts with three flags and to ensure survival must keep these flags. (Green flags - zombies LOVE these, red flags - zombies eat only if you get too close to them.) You pick your flag colors.

Invasion occurs rain or shine.  Food, drink, bounce house, vendor booths and more.


Zombie Invasion SLO is a proud supporter of Gladiator Paintball’s Zombie Hunt Nights. Visit www.gladiatorpaintballpark.com or call 805-602-8629 for more information.


Kid Friendly Family Run - 10:00am

Zombies will be nice, as they already had some breakfast... and the kids can wear whichever flag color they like.  If they wear all red flags, the zombies will not move towards them.  Green flags actually cause zombies to walk quickly towards you or even run after you if you are running. 

5K Survival Race - 11:00am

Zombies are out to get you, if they get your flags, well, you're infected - sorry Charlie! But, if you survive - you'll help the world move on! Get your running shoes on, because... they're out there, hiding behind bushes, under cars, and around corners... 


Camp San Luis Obispo off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo

Sutter Ave
(near Cuesta college). Enter from Hollister/Dairy Creek or O'Connor way. DON'T DRIVE ONTO THE BASE – it is behind the base.
San Luis Obispo, 

About the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. This events supports Camp Expedition for children and teens with autism, Parents Support Groups, First Responder Trainings, Professional Outreach and Engagement, phone and email support, the WALK for Autism and Community Resource Fair, as well as Open Mic Nights and Teen/Young Adult Dances and game nights plus much more.  Click here for more information.

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    Because.  Plus ALL PROCEEDS benefit The Central Coast Autism Center.  This is an event put on by the center to raise funds for camp and programs/services for children and adults with autism here in Central California. 


    Don't bring that stuff here!  You need to be clear headed to survive!


    Nope.  Little zombie appetizers.


    Available online for pre-registration.  Pre-registration required to guarantee availability of shirt and participant goodies.  Non-refundable.  Event held in rain or shine.


    Absolutely.  Wear your best costume.  No birthday suits allowed. 


    We will have some helpers present to make you and your crew as ghoulish as possible. Supplies and time are limited, so if you can do it yourself, GO FOR IT!


    Yes, please do.  Share your pictures with us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  #SLOzombie


    Shorter distance course will be available for those who desire it.


    This event is for all ages and all abilities.  You choose your level, green or red or a combination of flags.  Hard core 5k runners should choose green to have zombies actually chasing you.  Red flags not captured unless you happen to be too close to a zombie and they can reach it.

Rules & Participation Instructions

Event Rules

  • All Survivors and Zombies must be 14 years of age to participate alone and all ages can participate if accompanied by parent or adult guardian.
  • All Survivors and Zombies under 18 years of age require parental consent to participate.
  • No Survivors, Zombies or Spectators visibly intoxicated will be allowed to participate in the event.


Please plan to arrive at about 8:30am

  • This gives us time to get you zombified, as we have a lot of zombies to prep - so, the earlier the better
  • Wear something you don’t mind getting stained, bloody, and dirty - ripped torn clothing is the best, as you will look the part… 
  • We will take care of make up, dirt, blood, hair for a suggested small donation, or come already zombified even better if you can!

When you arrive you will register, sign a waiver, and get your wristband, then you will head over to the zombification area. Wristbands are CRITICAL, as the base makes us count and collect 100% of these - so, you can’t leave without giving them back! (you can’t get your shirt or raffle tickets without turning them in either!)

At 9:30, you will be reminded of the rules and sent out to do your business of scaring people and taking their colored flags. Please be sure to review the rules for zombies:

  • Zombies do not take flags from runners while on an obstacle or waiting to complete obstacle.
  • Flag Knowledge:
    • GREEN FLAGS:  Carefully try to run towards runners to catch their flags but DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY CHASE THEM as slip/fall injuries will occur.
    • RED FLAGS: Don’t approach the runner/walker.  They are really scared of you.  Only grab their flags if you can happen to reach them from your standing position.
  • ​Zombies take one flag only, if able, from a runner. Go for green flags. Only get red flags if they come to you.
  • Zombies do not push, hit, kick, curse, hurt, spit, bite, throw any objects at any runners.
  • Zombies must listen to senior Risk Management Zombies out there to make sure no one takes it too seriously, everyone is safe and plays fair, and has a good time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first race at 10:00am is a family fun race - kids will be out there and you are nice zombies (well, nicer…) We want to make this an enjoyable experience for the little future zombies! (look for the colors - if you see green – run gently towards them, again, do not chase.  Red – just be a standing zombie and only take flags at arms length if at all.

If you show up late, no worries, you can go onto the course whenever you are ready… the big race is at 11:00am  - but we want you there as early as possible and present during both races, because it takes a while to put on your beauty faces… 

Runners - Potential Survivors

Please plan to arrive at one hour BEFORE your scheduled run - each run has a significant amount of people, and we want everyone to have ample time to park, register, and get your flags on!

When you arrive you will go to registration and get your wristband. Wristbands are CRITICAL, as the base makes us count and collect 100% of these - so, you can’t leave without giving them back! (you can’t get your shirt without turning them in either!)


  • Have your ticket/reciept handy - in case we have missed you from the list
  • Sign the WAIVERS - no waiver, no running! (families can all sign on one waiver)
  • Get your wristband
  • Get your flags and put them on
  • Go to the starting gate and line up - Runners will be let on to the course in groups of 10 or 20 (we can’t feed our zombies all at once now, can we?)


At 10:00 (Family Fun Race) or 11:00 (5K Survival Race) you will be reminded of the rules and sent out to do your business of staying alive. You have 3 lives… use them wisely - work as a team so you can all make it. But, so you know, here are the rules for Zombies:

  • Direct and intentional physical contact with any ZOMBIE is strictly prohibited. (remember, deep down, they are human too!)  All of those in violation of this rule will be escorted off of the grounds without a refund. 
  • Zombies can go after Human Runners, however, Flag colors correspond to the standard red, and green system. Your level of involvement directly corresponds to the color of the flag the runner is wearing. Think of it like a street light:
    • GREEN FLAGS: Go! Bring it on - Zombies don’t scare me - catch me if you think you can.  They will run after you but have been instructed not to chase you around.
    • RED FLAGS: Zombies don’t find you very tasty and will only take your flag if you happen to get near them in arms reach.
  • Zombies can ONLY reach for the flags - accidental contact may happen
  • Zombies may not grab more than one flag from a runner at a time
  • Zombies may not grab a runner’s flag if they are waiting for or on top of an obstacle 
  • Remember, this is all FOR FUN. So, let’s not take it too seriously out there and have a great time!
  • You may either walk or run the course and have fun avoiding zombies as you do 
  • All Survivors must walk/run only during their assigned race time. BE SAFE AT ALL TIMES!