Brain Boost Academy

Brain Boost Academy addresses the *root challenges* of each individual person, by developing new neuropathways in the brain––vs managing symptoms or diagnoses. Our focus is to connect *your goals* for your child within our research-based, Sequential Neurodevelopmental Model to improve regulation, interoception, sensory processing, social-emotional development, comprehension and communication, auditory processing, visual processing, motor planning and control, focus and attention, primitive reflex integration (foundational connections in the brain that influence all regulation, sensory, attention and learning), executive function (self-organization & follow-through) and literacy (reading & writing). We apply a trauma-informed approach to behavior and parent training/support.


Karyn A. Lutes


(805) 474-1144

Provider Type: 

Alternative Health
Applied Behavioral Analysis
Early Intervention
Learning Disability Specialists
Occupational Physical Therapist
Social Skills Groups
Speech Language Therapists
Support Groups
Transitional Youth
Tutoring Home School

Ages Served: 

Early Elementary
High School
Middle School
Upper Elementary
Young Adult

Provider Location:

Brain Boost Academy

1544 W. Branch Street
(We are located within the Starbucks, Grocery Outlet, Quarterdeck & Pet ER Shopping Center Upper-level)
Arroyo Grande, 

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