Amy Strachan, MD

I provide comprehensive assessment, therapy (individual, couples, and family), and medication management for behavioral and psychiatric issues. My practice is located in San Luis Obispo, on the beautiful central California coast. I am board certified in general and child psychiatry and treat clients of all ages. I take a family-centered approach to the assessment and treatment of children and adults alike. I believe that many behavioral problems in children can be addressed with therapy and do not require the use of medications. I am also a firm believer in the power of exercise, healthy diet, pro-social activities, and positive thinking. I provide education to my clients and my primary individual therapy modality is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a powerful means of changing the way that one perceives and reacts to events around them. I network with other providers as requested, as I believe in a comprehensive, team approach to better living.


Amy Strachan, MD


(805) 400-5687


(805) 544-1520

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High School
Middle School
Upper Elementary
Young Adult

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Amy Strachan, MD

1521 Higuera Street, Suite F
San Luis Obispo, 

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