Patrick J. Bunnemeyer, MA, BCET

Secretary, Board of Directors

Over the last two decades, Patrick has worked with children in a variety of unique settings. At the beginning of his career (before he was a credentialed teacher), some of these settings were somewhat challenging and included a private residential school for developmentally-disabled students with severe learning and behavioral problems - the Devereux School. Later, when his focus shifted towards becoming a classroom teacher, he worked in a variety of different public schools- first as a teaching assistant (one year in middle school and one year in high school) and then as a substitute teacher. He received his teaching credential in 1999 and went on to teach in the classroom for eight years: elementary (4 yrs.), middle school (2 yrs.), and high school (2 yrs.). He has also worked for private schools, in a private clinical setting, in his own office, and the private homes of his students. All of these rich and varied professional experiences have significantly contributed to his development as a teacher for students both with and without learning differences.​