Kaycie Roberts

Executive Director, Board of Directors

Kaycie has been a resident of the Central Coast for fifteen years, a transplant from the San Fernando Valley. She lives out by Lake Nacimiento with her two sons and partner. She was originally drawn to the CCASC many years ago when her oldest son was diagnosed with Autism. Since then, Kaycie has been an advocate for the special needs community and is passionate about expanding the resources available to all those with different abilities. Kaycie has helped fundraise for the CCASC and other organizations that aim to better the lives of those both on and off the Autism Spectrum.

Kaycie has experience in Accounting, Human Resources, Project Planning, Event Coordinating and is currently employed at Lake Nacimiento Resort. She has developed a training program to help staff members of all abilities work together cohesively. Kaycie hopes that an all-inclusive environment will be the norm when her children enter the work force.

Aside from her spending time with her family, Kaycie enjoys cooking, Country music and is an Excel enthusiast. She has yet to find a spreadsheet she didn’t love.