The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center (CCASC) is excited to announce that we have an open position for Executive Director.

Friday, December 31, 2021

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Employment Opportunity

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All Ages

The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center (CCASC) is excited to announce that we have an open position for Executive Director.


We are looking for an Executive Director with exceptional leadership and organization skills, who is organized, independent, and dedicated to making a difference in our local community. CCASC is a non-profit organization, based in San Luis Obispo County. Every year we host a variety of events and programs – and we need someone to oversee event/program coordination, as well as support the day-to-day needs of our center.


Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director for the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center is responsible for the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of all programs delivered in the community. Directs, administers, and manages the budget and the activities of the CCASC in support of goals within the purposes and policies of the agency. Works closely with the Board Chair to achieve program objectives for the agency.


The incumbent must have a basic understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), working knowledge of event planning, financial management and ability to work with a Board of Directors.

The incumbent must bring to this position a bachelor’s degree and must possess technical skills and have experience in a wide range of programs. The person in this position must have the knowledge required for the management of the equipment, programs, schedules of event, staff and volunteers.

Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with staff, volunteer leaders, community members and the general public is essential. She/He must be able to delegate appropriate responsibilities to staff and/or board or event volunteers in order to accomplish the necessary duties. The incumbent must also be able to supervise, direct or guide all programs with knowledge of the agency’s long and short-range goals. Must be able to work remotely and also provide on-site/in-person management of events and meetings in San Luis Obispo County.


  1. Supervises direct reports – staff and volunteers.
  2. Develops and administers assigned budget areas and takes appropriate action to maintain the fiscal integrity of the operations.
  3. Prepares monthly financial variance reports and creates action steps to achieve budgeted margins.
  4. Provides leadership to the volunteers, including scheduling of meetings and developing agendas.
  5. Employs non-exempt staff for program-related positions within the approved budget provisions.
  6. Reviews effectiveness of employed personnel annually; observes individual performances and appraises their effectiveness.
  7. Assures the proper scheduling of programs and services to maximize impact.
  8. Works with the following Board committees: Governance, Program, Executive and other committees as assigned.
  9. Interprets and communicates the objectives the agency to the community and participates actively in community and civic organizations.
  10. Reviews and evaluates the enrollment, programs, services and operations of the agency and communicates findings to the Board Chair and committees, as required.
  11. Oversees the purchasing of program and event supplies, while maintaining the integrity of the planned budget.
  12. Develops relationships with other agencies, schools, churches, etc in order to increase the collaborative ventures.
  13. Develops new programs to meet the needs of the community.
  14. Oversees the recruitment, training, supervision and recognition of volunteers.
  15. Represents the agency on request of the Board at appropriate community functions and group meetings.
  16. Ensures adequate office coverage is always available to enforce and support off-site programs, the daily schedules, maintain order and execute the policies of the agency in a fiscally sound and efficient manner.
  17. Keeps informed on current trends through self-study, research and conference or workshop participation.
  18. Leads and participates in meetings, civic and professional organizations.
  19. Works with the marketing agency to oversee event signage, the development of program brochures, flyers and bulletin boards that meet standards and complement agency.
  20. Coordinates staff and volunteer training.
  21. Ensures quality in all areas of responsibility.




  • Non-profit Organization Management


  • Part-time


  • Business Development 
  • Sales


If you would like to apply for this position please email us your resume and a cover letter to:  [email protected]