Area Board 9 on Developmental Disabilities

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Area Board 9 on Developmental Disabilities



200 East Santa Clara Street, Suite 210
Ventura, CA


There are 13 Boards in the State of California as well as the State Council on Developmental Disabilities. In partnership with the State Council, the Area Board is a key member in the development of the State Plan; a document which defines the Vision and Services which supports individuals and families in California. It was the California Legislature which stated that the legal, civil and services rights of persons with developmental disabilities could not be adequately guaranteed throughout the state, and the state plan could not be implemented, unless monitoring responsibility was established on a regional basis through the Area Boards. Further, it is the Area Board who shall protect and advocate the rights of all persons in the area with developmental disabilities. It is the Area Board who shall conduct capacity building activities and provide advocacy for systemic change. It is the Area Board that shall encourage and assist in the establishment or strengthening of self – advocacy organizations led by individuals with developmental disabilities. Finally, it is the intent of the legislature that Area Boards shall maintain local discretion in conducting their advocacy activities.