Gymnastics Day at THRIVE Gym

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Elementary School
Middle School

Gymnastics day for the Autism Center at Thrive Training Center on La Linia in Atascadero. Payment and RSVP are required. 

This event is a 1.5 hours fun-filled time with the kids.  It’s open Gym time with a limited amount of kids, so there’s no pressure and the kids can just be kids.  There will be supervisors from Thrive there, so you can let your kids roam the centers, or you are more than welcome to go out there with your kids, whatever feels comfortable for you as a parent.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Payment is not refundable if you cannot make it, as we have to staff for all sign-ups.

Payment and RSVP are required.  There will be no door tickets available so please signup soon! If you are unable to sign the waivers on the Thrive portal, please arrive 10-15 minutes early.


Thrive Training Center

8981 La Linia Ave A