Camp Expedition

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Event Ages: 
Elementary School,
Middle School

Camp Expedition is the flagship program of the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center.

We are proud to continue to serve children in elementary and middle school age ranges, both on and off the autism spectrum. Camp is designed and implemented for children on the autism spectrum, and that simply makes high-quality programming for everyone.


Camp Expedition provides a unique, fun, summer-day-camp experience for children, rich with social opportunities and with an emphasis on nurturing each child’s own gifts and talents.

Camp Expedition pledges to:

  • Provide the opportunity to simply “be a kid” for a week or two, without fear of judgment, and where every effort is met with praise and celebration.
  • Value each camper’s individual strengths, talents, and special interests. All campers learn to value each other and to respect the inherent gifts of every person.
  • Strengthen the social interactions of those on the autism spectrum through quality relationships and meaningful participation.
  • Strengthen the social interactions of those not on the autism spectrum through peer mentoring training and the nurturing of empathy and compassion.
  • Provide opportunities to bring together families who face challenges of autism and related developmental disorders.

Camp Goals: 

Camp Expedition promotes the creation of social and recreational programs designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism, while also meeting the needs of their typically developing peers, and integrating these in a fun, summer day camp environment. Many of the children served by Camp Expedition have never had a summer camp opportunity, and by serving families that are underserved either because of financial situations, or the quality and expertise of staff and volunteers that is necessary to meet their child’s needs (or both), Camp Expedition provides respite for the parents and an exciting opportunity for the kids – all in a supportive, non-judgmental environment where research-based pedagogical methods are practiced and instruction decisions are data driven.

2018 Camp Expedition dates and location are not yet available. 

Please check back later for more information. We will post it as SOON as we have confirmed the location and dates - long before signups take place.